All For Love; or, The World Well Lost – Character List

Mark Antony: After the death of Caesar, Antony developed ambitions of his own. Immersed in this ambition is his attraction to Cleopatra, female Pharaoh of Egypt. After being defeated by his enemy Octavian, Antony retreats to Egypt, thinking on his situation.

Cleopatra: Seeking after Antony’s heart, for several reasons, Cleopatra proves to the disdainful Ventidius she would love Antony, rather than manipulate him. Cleopatra’s desire for Antony is a source of aggravation for Ventidius because he feels she will only drag him down.

Ventidius: War general and obsessed with Antony, Ventidius talks and behaves in ways that seek to efface Cleopatra from Antony’s field of thought.

Dollabella: Once close friends with Antony, Dollabella was asked to remove himself when Antony suspected his attraction to Cleopatra. Dollabella politely acquiesced. He later works with Ventidius to manipulate Antony away from Cleopatra by bringing Antony’s wife and their two daughters before him. The reunion serves also as a means for peace between Octavian and Antony proceeding the infamous Battle of Actium.

Alexas: Eunuch servant to Cleopatra and plotter; Alexas keeps hatching ideas that only serve to make the problems worse.

Octavia: Sister to Octavian and Antony’s fourth wife; she has two daughters by him, and is somewhat dismayed by the decisions he makes.

Serapion: Egyptian priest of Isis and something of a court observer; takes note of the events in a prophetic way.

Charmion and Iras: Devoted maids to Cleopatra; devoted enough to die for/with her.

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