About the Writer

This internet journal catalogs the various literary summaries and critical brainstorms of writer David Scott, BA-University of California at Davis (English, Psychology), MA-Sonoma State University (English, 18th Century Literature). He specializes in the rise of the novel; his writing may encompass anything that pertains to the literary arts. David’s own works of fiction are available at Amazon, of which much of his time has been entirely comprised. When he is not concocting stories to entice the minds of his readers, he is tutoring and teaching English, working with other writers, and if he can find the time, may be found playing violin scales on his guitar. Stay tuned for more works to come and feel free to make contact, most easily via email.


D Scott



7 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. I would like to use your definitions with a class of mine. I would like to attribute your definitions to a source, but I don’t see authorship on this site. Could I have your name or the source of your definitions for a citation page?

  2. All the written work on my blog is original and can be attributed to David Scott, student writer, Sonoma State University.

    Thank you kindly for your interests and your desire to cite the work.

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