The Blithedale Romance: Character List

Mr. Miles Coverdale: a relatively young man and narrator of the story; perpetually single, he is a poet, and he admires Zenobia greatly

Old Moodie: an old man who knows more about the principle characters Zenobia and Priscilla than is readily revealed

Hollingsworth: a former blacksmith turned philanthropist 30yrs old; obsessed with a philanthropic theory; guru type

Zenobia: a proper, beautiful brunette woman; retains something of a sense of achievement and establishment as a woman; mildly outspoken, she has power in her ability to converse, but fails as a cook

Silas Foster: a common worker and a bit of a slob; he organizes farm and field labor at Blithedale

Priscilla: a frail, lamentable, seemingly abandoned young woman; she knows how to sew and is clumsy; picture perfect model of naiveté, yet possesses curious, pale and shadowy characteristics that, in the end, seem to give her power

Professor Westervelt: a gold toothed professor who poses as a magician for a magic act; holds a mysterious role in the lives of the two women